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logo lugardeWith its exclusive PRIMA 3=1 production system, Lugarde has earned universal recognition as the most innovative, prestigious and select manufacturer of log cabins in Europe.

For over 35 years, its marvellous design, the high-quality finish of the houses it manufactures and the opportunity for customers themselves to customise their home, retreat or simply their space to their wishes, all mean that the end customer identifies Lugarde as a synonym for quality, service, flexibility and maximum comfort.

Its sensitivity towards the surroundings, the decoration of your garden and towards beauty in general are the reasons why a manufacturer like Lugarde stands apart and is the yardstick for elegant customers with a high standard of living, who demand the maximum in everything around them, for those who appreciate and enjoy life.

All of Lugarde’s production is carried out at the factory in Laren, 120 km from Amsterdam, in unbeatable natural surroundings, scrupulously respecting the FSC, The Forest Stewardship Council A.C. certificate. With over 45 employees and cutting-edge technology we can offer you the flexibility you need to make as many modifications as you wish to all the standard garden buildings or you can even create your own individual design.

We offer two production systems and consequently two very different product lines: PRIMA 3=1 and Interlocked. For further information, please see the product lines section.

At Lugarde we turn your ideas into reality, all with no additional cost. Anything is possible and in fact, nothing at Lugarde is ever standard.

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