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As our distributors are our principal sales channel, and with aim of achieving maximum customer loyalty, we supplement our sales efforts with additional services focused on helping our customers to achieve greater profitability with our products and satisfaction when offering our articles to the end consumer.

Among our tasks, we emphasise the following:

  • Regular visits to our customers to keep them informed of all the innovations and promotions we duly launch on the market.
  • Product technical training for a better sales pitch
  • Telephone counselling for queries that are fundamentally technical or design-related.
  • Development and updating of merchandising at the points of sale.
  • Picking service from our warehouse for all unit sales which our customers throughout Spain and Andorra require.
  • Commercial agreements with collaborating companies which provide us services to the benefit of our customers.
  • Service of assembly, electrical installations, painting and masonry at special prices for our customers.
  • Follow-up, checking and verification of assemblies whose complexity and difficulty are required by our customers.
  • Technical counselling in case of complaint by the end customer on the contracted assembly and painting services, including where necessary visiting the home of the end customer.
  • Training our customers on the latest technical innovations necessary for greater profitability and speed in the services they provide.

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